Student Orgs

If an organization wants to use a trademark in its design, the design/merchandise must:

  1. be produced by a licensed vendor
  2. not include trademarks other than what is allowed per the student use guidelines for their respective tier
  3. include the organization name as registered with Student Engagement. It will also require language to indicate if the group is a club, student chapter, or student organization, as well as the "at" tagline if required for that tier
  4. be submitted to the trademark office for approval prior to production through the Student Organization Use Form


Student Organization Tiers


As a recognized student organization, you are tiered by Student Engagement as either a Sponsored, Affiliated, or Registered/Campus Organization. The availability of university trademarks is based on your tier level. Below are links to PDFs for each tier as a quick snapshot of what each group can or can not use.


If student organizations would like to do generic fundraising designs incorporating "college of" or "department of" wording, here are the options for their use, regardless of their tier. The college/department name can be changed out and the font can also be adjusted, but graphic elements can not be removed or added to these designs. Here is the generic fundraising template guide. Please note: because trademarks are used, licensed vendors will still need to produce the order and our internal trademark use request form will still need to be filled out prior to production. As with any fundraising designs, the standard 12% will apply, which is remitted by the licensed vendor

If a student organization would like to do their own custom fundraising designs that include the trademarks, they would need to follow the student use guidelines as set (including organization name, logo restrictions depending on tier, etc.)

Have any questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page to get you started. If you still have questions after checking out that page, please email us at