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Any logo, wordmark, nickname, series of letters, or acronyms associated with Iowa State University that is distinguishable from those of other universities, teams, mascots, or organizations are protected under ISU's licensing program. Therefore, any person, business, or organization desiring to reproduce the trademarks of Iowa State University for products/merchandise must be licensed and/or receive written approval from the Trademark Licensing office.

Types of Licenses


This license allows companies to produce products bearing Iowa State trademarks for sale at retail in approved retail channels and direct-to-consumer.


This license allows companies to produce products for internal units and student organizations at Iowa State University for internal use only. Internal licensees cannot provide products to retailers or direct-to-consumer.

NCAA/Bowls/Conference Licensing

CLC has a separate licensing process for “hot market” events, including NCAA tournaments, the College Football Playoff, bowl games, and athletic conferences. Existing CLC licensees may apply for these programs via the Brand Manager 360 system. For companies not currently licensed through CLC, contact CLC’s NCAA & Bowl Properties Division at 770-956-0520


This license is specifically for the state of Iowa individuals (crafter) who are handcrafting items within their home that include the ISU marks, which will be distributed or sold directly to a consumer via the following distribution spaces: Craft Fairs, Craft Shows, Festivals, Markets, Social Media, Person to Person, and Etsy. For information on obtaining this license, follow the link below:

How to apply?

To obtain a license to use Iowa State marks, email our licensing agency at You can also apply directly on their site at the below link.


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