Crafter License

Thank you for your interest in producing handcrafted items bearing the trademarks of Iowa State University. To obtain a Crafter License to be able to sell at craft fairs, craft shows, festivals, markets, social media, person to person, and Etsy, you must apply for our Community Connect license program through our licensing agent, CLC.

What is Community Connect?

CLC Community Connect is an online hub that allows you to connect and communicate with our licensing department on license requests, artwork approvals, and sales reports.


The program is open to individuals producing domestic handcrafted nonapparel items featuring collegiate marks at home and selling/distributing to individual consumers via events or direct sales. This includes Craft Fairs, Craft Shows, Festivals, Markets, Social Media, Person to Person, and Etsy

Is there a limit on units/sales?

No more than 500 units may be sold per year and the total sales per year cannot exceed $2,500 per university. No sales are permitted on a wholesale basis or to a third-party retailer.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in obtaining a Community Connect license, please complete the application at CLC's Community Connect site. The link is below:


  • $180 yearly fee

If you have any questions, please contact CLC directly at